Get up, NOW.
Don’t sit on your knees.
Not yet.

Welcome to my website. First, I’ll introduce myself. That is the least I can do before you hand your body & soul over to me ...

So, I am Mistress Pia. As you will see elsewhere, I am a voluptuous Mistress with brown hair, ditto eyes and I am rather experienced in subjecting men who have earned it.

Originally I'm from Germany. That is probably where my strictness and eyes & ears for rules and hygiene come from. And listening. I listen to your needs and desires; that is another fixation of mine. I have to listen to you, in order to accomplish maximum effect...

My kick is your satisfaction, your real satisfaction. I am actually not really referring to disclose your poor soddy semen once or more in a session. No, I am particularly interested about the satisfaction in your head. That it is all quite and at ease up there, when I let you out after a session of ours.

I have quite some experience. With my kick mentioned above, this means that you can book me for all kinds of desires and dreams (except minors and animal stuff of course). So do not hesitate and contact me. But do not subject to me before I say so, otherwise I can not "read" you. So show yourself, talk to me, in order to get what you deserve (and more ...)

Kinky kisses, to begin with...

Mistress Pia

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